Why are there so many different "types" of massage and which one is better? The most common types of massage modalities are: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai, Shiatsu. The first three are generally considered Western modalities, the last two are more traditional Eastern modalities. Properly executed by an experienced bodyworker, these styles can be combined as needed for better results.

Do I need deep tissue massage? Deep Tissue is a term that implies more profound work. Is it more effective...? Logically we think that deeper work will have a more profound effect and in many cases this is true. Everyones body is unique and will respond differently to bodywork. Many people believe they get more bang for the buck with Deep Tissue because in many spa type settings, Deep Tissue treatments cost more than Swedish/Relaxation treatments. Deep Tissue is simply a commercialized term made popular in spa settings. 

What is Sports Massage? Do I have to be an athlete to receive Sports Massage? Sports massage is style that implies that it is only for athletes, although that is not the case. Depending on the conditions of your body, you may benefit from this style of work. It generally focuses on relieving muscle soreness or discomfort that arises from regular exercise. You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from this style of work. Treatments generally involve active movements from the client that will engage specific muscles and muscle groups. Treatments are generally focused on producing better range of motion by reducing muscle adhesions. Many times these adhesions are results of injuries that haven't healed properly. 

What is Therapeutic Massage? Therapeutic massage is not necessarily a modality in itself but it is a way to describe a style in which a therapist will apply some or all of the modalities above and combine them in an attempt to attain a therapeutic effect. The goal of therapeutic massage is usually to address areas of the body that are suffering or simply not feeling well. Symptoms that can be addressed are: Chronic neck and shoulder tension, headaches, back pain, fatigue, insomnia, scar tissue adhesions.  When you come to me for bodywork, I will always customize every treatment to address the particular needs of your body. I don't follow cookie cutter patterns when customizing your treatments. Every treatment has a therapeutic effect. 

Please call me so we can discuss a treatment plan to help you get back in motion!