My name is Louie Arroyo and I believe you are not here by chance, but because your body is ready for change! As a practitioner my goal is not to work ON YOU or a specific area of your body but to help you feel and function better. My goal is to work WITH you to allow your body to let go of the holding patterns that are causing you to feel pain, tension, fatigue, stress and dissatisfaction with life in general. I have experienced first hand how quality bodywork can improve your physical and emotional well being. My journey into bodywork came after struggling carpal tunnel syndrome for several years. I learned that this "syndrome" came from repetitive motion, in my case from extensive work on a computer using the mouse and the 10 key. I experienced the pain and discomfort associated with CTS. For years I wore a wrist brace, tennis elbow brace, taped my ring and pinkie fingers together and covered my arm with pain relief ointments. This was the ritual I went through a few times a week to be able to work my desk job. One day after a long week I feel like a relaxing massage so I take my wife's advice and try a new massage therapist. Prior to working on me the therapist did some range of motion checks. She proceeded to ask me if I had sustained an injury to my right arm because it didn't feel right. I told her about the CTS and she asked if she could work on it specifically. Long story short, she did some specific trigger point work that gave me immediate relief. This opened my eyes to see massage and bodywork from a different perspective. To me, massage was for relaxation and immediate relief of muscle tension and not really for treating pain. Sixteen months later I received my certification as a massage therapist by CAMTC.

My desire to be effective as a bodyworker made want to understand the human body even more. This inspired me to continue taking advanced training courses to improve my skills. This training gave me additional tools to work with so I could continue to be more effective as a practitioner. I began to realize that even though I was able to help people feel better and be less miserable, many times their issues were not completely gone. I knew there was something I was missing. I knew there was a way to work on the body that would produce much longer lasting and more effective changes. This lead me to learn about and research fascia. Fawshaw, Fawshaw, Fawshaw!! ( As my mentor has been know to say ). Fascia has been highly overlooked in the medical field and is generally thought of as a static connective tissue. Or simply as connective tissue that lends support to our structure. Recent research into the fascial system has highlighted its vast role in both overall health as well as its involvement in the postural and movement system. Fascia is everywhere in the body. Literally. If the fascia in our bodies is free of thick glue like adhesions, the body as a whole will be able to move freely and effortlessly. The form of body work that is focused primarily on lengthening, opening and reorganizing fascia is known as Structural Integration (SI). Virtually everyone can benefit from SI, not just athletes looking to improve their performance. SI is very effective in helping people rid themselves of chronic pain, stress, lack of drive and energy. Bottom line, if something feels like it is sticking or hurting and just flat out doesn't feel right, we can discuss a treatment plan that will work best for you. When you come in for a treatment, I always spend time talking about you and your body and how it is feeling and functioning overall. Every treatment is tailored to accomplish the functional goal that best suits your needs. 

I look forward to working with you to improve the way you move, feel and function!

-Louie Arroyo

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